About Weston Capital Management

Weston Capital Management, a registered investment advisor, manages investment assets for high-net-worth clients and their associated trusts, foundations and retirement plans.  Our clients look to us for both a high level of service and for professional expertise.

..A Different Kind of Investment Counselor

Since 1976, Weston Capital Management (WCM), a fee-based advisor, has provided guidance and investment management services to high-net-worth individuals and families.  We find that the needs of these clients differ from those of large institutional investors. When compared with large institutions, individuals and families typically experience a greater number of life-changing events, and their long-term investment planning must reflect these varying circumstances.  Investment strategy must be flexible to reflect each client's shifting risk tolerance and cash flow needs; it must also be geared more toward preservation of capital than toward "beating the market indices."

WCM principals, each of whom has at least 27 years tenure with the firm, take seriously the process of getting to know each client.  Over the course of many years, changing client circumstances make the continuity of a long-term advisor particularly valuable.